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My boyfriend has become quite distant with me and hardly text me or shows any affection anymore .I recently got my nose pierced as I've wanted it for 5 years and this made him incredibly angry and upset to the point where he forced me to remove it. I don't know what I should do I still love him and don't want to end things but it seems I can't be my own person. I'm a big fan of tattoos and piercing and will most likely want more in the future so this will cause a problem :/ and advice?


You are NOT his property.

I say this so harshly because I once had a boyfriend who didn’t allow me to wear makeup in pubic, he forbid me from wearing shorts/short skirts and anything that showed off my figure, he complained that my boobs were too big and that he’d consider breaking up with me if I went over 9 stone.
I wasn’t allowed male friends and he accused me of liking my girl friends.
He accused me of cheating on him with my best friend (WHO IS A GAY GUY FFS..) I went to college instead of staying in 6th form with my friends to be with him, he made me make all the effort, he knew all of my passwords and constantly checked my messages. He’d go on my Facebook and delete people (mainly attractive guys) and message them from his own account warning them to stay away from ‘his’ girlfriend.

I put up with that piece of shit for 2 years.

I’m telling you this because it all started when he didn’t like my chosen outfit. From then on, things got worse and I tried to convince myself that he really did love me and he really would change. That it wasn’t it fault and that I was a bad girlfriend for not meeting his expectations.

Truth be told, he’s just a very insecure little boy who fears being alone. 
The funny part is is that he broke up with me after 2 years…I should’ve left him LONG before that point. 

Look after yourself, please.

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  • Homophobic Person:

    My favorite food is pizza!

  • Homosexual Person:

    Cool! My favorite food is pasta!

  • Bisexual Person:

    I like both!

  • Pansexual Person:

    Hey guys, I don't have a favorite! I'll pretty much eat what tastes good to me.

  • Asexual Person:

    I like the way food looks and smells more than the way it tastes.

  • Homophobic Person: